Thursday, November 10, 2011

Essie Mint Candy Apple

I actually picked this up in my last haul. I had picked it up and put it down a million times before. I guess I heard the formula was bad so kept my distance, but actually I didn't find it bad at all. Not to say it was fabulous, but it wasn't hard to deal with :p

Essie Mint Candy Apple - the name is really cute too. I think I used 3 coats.

And since I have a few mints even after purging... comparisons! Honestly, you only need one mint polish, but once you get them in your hands, it is so hard to let them go!!!

Comparison: Essie Mint Candy Apple and American Apparel Office

Comparison: Essie Mint Candy Apple and Illamasqua Milf

Comparison: Essie Mint Candy Apple and Orly Gumdrop

... they're different enough to own all four, right?


  1. You could make the argument that the AA and MCA are close enough to purge the one with the more troublesome formula, but Milf and Gumdrop are very different.  Of course, who am I to give advice?  I've never purged a single polish from my stash - so many of them are LE's and I'm too afraid I'd regret it later on.

  2. They are different indeed! Based on your swatches my fave is the AA one, I can see some blue or grey undertone in there which is really tempting for me!

  3. I actually swapped this away!! Too light and happy for me!

  4. I really like AA Office as well! I know some people said the formula was bad on that one, but I find mine to be quite good! 

  5. Hahaha, but there are sooo many LE polishes! You must have a lot then ;)

  6. These are all so pretty!  :D  But I must resist, I can't get mint-fever again.  I have a painful number of mint green polishes including Mint Candy Apple.  I remember how excited I was about MCA - I bought it right when it came out.  *sigh*  It is really pretty...all these mint polishes are really pretty...  For a while I couldn't help myself.  I was like a moth to a flame and somehow acquired over 30 mint polishes.  They all look quite awful on me, against my skin they are like nails on a chalkboard.  I purged a few but not nearly enough.  Maybe it's because they look like my dream kitchen appliances in a bottle?