Saturday, September 8, 2012

NOTWeekend: Gift from Noelie (Smitten Polish) over NARS Midnight Express

Hey guys! I got back from Toronto on Monday, but work was quite busy and I wore OPI Barre My Soul all week like a muggle ;)

I just did my nails and they are thick as heck because I'm trying Elmer's Glue as peel off base coat (if you haven't heard of this yet, see Lab Muffin, or Pretty Purple Polish, or Gotham Polish for the deets!). I wonder if there are a bunch of nail-junkie-significant-others thinking we've all gone mad while painting our bare nails with glue. Probably! :D

So Noelie (of Noelie's Nails and Smitten Polish) surprised me the other day with a package containing Hydrangea (swatch to come!) and a bonus polish she mixed up just for me.

I think I've known Noelie as long as I've been into nails, and she knows what I'm like and how ruthless I am when it comes to purging...

So imagine my face when I pulled this out of the bubble mailer:

LOL. The polish is a mix of "disco" glitters and blue shimmer in a sheer base.

Flash really does not do disco glitter justice... but here is a flash picture of 2 coats BYDPT over NARS Midnight Express, followed by Barielle ME and Seche Vite. It is like instant Galaxy Nails.

Here's a macro I took with no flash. This is how it looks in real life. AWESOME!

Thanks for the thoughtful gift, Noelie <3 I will not purge this. Probably. XD Edited to add: I peeled them off and I'm sold on this ~Elmer's Glue as Base Coat~ idea! Here are the pieces I peeled off with no damage to my nails (as far as I can tell)


  1. How pretty! That's so sweet that she mixed something up special just for you.

  2. This is really pretty! I have been trying the PVA glue as a base coat
    too. Totally works for me, no more glitter removal headache! I even went
    all out on a full glitter manicure over weekend :D

  3. Hahaha the name of this polish is SO appropriate for you!!! And thanks for the shout out! Isn't the glue base the BEST?!