Friday, October 7, 2011

The Face Shop BK901, Shimmery Topcoat #5 (?), and GR502

It's Friday! I meant to post earlier in the week, but work got in the way :/ It has been an extremely long and painful week at work... but hopefully this project will be wrapped up soon. Next week I'll be away for a conference (40 mins outside of LA) and I am crossing my fingers that I will not be required to work during the evenings there!

Anyways, here are the other 3 Face Shop polishes I picked up in Korea. I think these might be available in their US stores, though.

The Face Shop BK901 - (same number as the holo, but very obviously a different polish!) The bottle looked so promising for this one, but on the nail, a lot of the duochrome glitter drowns in the black base. Aw :( It reminds me of OPI Unripened / Sinful Colors What's Your Name. Formula is good, though. 2 coats.

The Face Shop Topcoat 05 over black - I'm actually not sure if this is the name. It has a tag on it and the only thing I can identify is the number '5' -.- Anyways, I think it's pretty clearly meant to be a topcoat. It contains little shimmery glitter particles that remind me of the glitter in ChG White Cap or CND Jade Sparkle, but very miniscule. I think it's very pretty! I took swatch pics of it 1 coat over black, but it is kind of difficult to see. I think it catches the light a lot better in real life :)

The Face Shop GR502 - WOW! One of my favourite polishes I picked up on vacation! It reminds me of Chanel Graphite (something I can only now admit to have been lemming) but without the awful price tag. I actually swatched Graphite on my nail at the duty free store in NRT, and compared it to this when I got home. From what I can tell, Graphite has a few larger gold particles that make it sparkle a bit more, but the base colour and finish is very similar between these two. As an added bonus, this Face Shop polish is way more opaque than the Chanel. Two coats!

DBF's parents are coming to visit this weekend since it's Canadian Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow canucks!). Is Canadian Thanksgiving always the same day as Columbus Day here in the US? I can never remember. I still need to clean up the apartment tonight, since I have been getting home late everyday this week, it's a mess!

Have a great weekend, folks!


  1. The second one is stunning, I love White Cap but sometimes it is just to dense!

  2. I am loving the first one-so nice over the black!

  3. These polishes look all so pretty! I would love to use those golden glitters over a black polish too :)

  4. OMG!!!  Awesomesauce!!!  These are gorgeous!  :D

  5. I like BK901 a lot ! I understand your disappointment about it but it's still very pretty :)

  6. We have the same sentiments on both polishes! I loooove GR502, it's sooo amazing! I myself  can't afford Chanel just yet, and this is the next best thing to Graphite! I haven't seen the topcoat in TFS stores here, but I haven't visited in a week so I'm hoping it'll be available by now. It's beautiful!