Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Needle Felted Wedding Favours (picture heavy post)

I had a small wedding (about 35 guests), and decided to make personalized wedding favours with needle felting, a new hobby I picked up late last year. Half way through, I was seriously doubting my judgment in this decision, as these little guys take a lot longer to make than you might think!! Some were "quick", at around 2 hours, others took me maybe 8 hours spread over a weekend. Yikes! But when I was halfway through, I figured I might as well persevere and stab my way to the end.

I finished my last favour the weekend before my wedding, and I was working on my cake topper until 2 days before we flew out!

After I took these pictures, I tied tags with each guest's name and their table number, so they doubled as table escorts :) They were a big hit with our guests!

Kero-chan from Card Captor Sakura - one of my old college roommates loves Kero-chan, and I had made her an amigurumi version years ago (when that was my hobby du jour).

Mandora - friend above's SO is obsessed with a game with this as its main character. He was thrilled with it as well.

Doraemon - a friend's favourite childhood cartoon character. This friend actually had to cancel last minute, so I just popped this in the mail for her.

Daria - a friend's fave cartoon character

Mario with an overly long torso. Should've made him into Luigi!

Gromit also with an overly long torso.

Boo - one of my friends is obsessed w/ Boo the Dog. This is one of my favourites, so cute! She loved it so much!

Colossal Titan head (Attack on Titan) - this didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I think it still looks cool. It's for DH's youngest brother, who loves anime, and was most recently obsessed with AoT.

Pooh - DH's mom loves Winnie the Pooh!

Hawaiian Pig - inside joke w/ one of my childhood friends. This one took me quite a long time to make.

Brian - SIL's favourite cartoon character. I think this one turned out really well :D

Carlton the Bear (Leafs mascot) - a friend's SO's favourite hockey team... even though they didn't even make the playoffs this year!

TARDIS - for DH's friend's wife who recommended we hunker through the first few super corny episodes of Doctor Who (new series)

The Doctor in beaver form (goes with the TARDIS) - I had made an amigurumi beaver for DH's friend back in college (he hung it from his rearview mirror), and decided to make a miniature Doctor version :)

Totoros - for a couple of Ghibli studio fans amongst our guests. She told us that our photographer borrowed them to take our ring pictures! We haven't gotten our photos back yet, though, but am looking forward to seeing this picture!

Chibi Batman - a huge Batman lover - I couldn't make a realistic looking one, so I made this sorta "cute" version

Happy Feet penguins - They ended up in the guest's jacket pocket like a pocket square - SO CUTE.

Wolf that turned out better than expected, but still pretty awful - for one of our old college roommates whose last name is spelled something like Wolf

Starship Enterprise - My older brother's fave show (from what I can remember). This didn't turn out great, but I saw him playing with it at his table with his son, LOL.

Rubik's Cube - one of DH's friend is really into it.. competitions and what not) - this one took FOREVER for some reason. I'm really happy with it though! I used a template from online for a real solveable cube design. He said he could tell I made it solveable.

Brown lab - DH's cousin loves brown labs. She said this one was much better behaved than her dog, LOL.

Bull - DH's father is really into the stock market. I felted on a pair of bulls balls, and he got a kick out of that (it's not like I could leave them out, right?!).

Koala bear - one of my friend's said her and her SO's spirit animals were a koala bear and pig, but she wouldn't tell me whose was whose, lol

Pig 1 - to go w/ the koala bear

Mouse - my mom was born in the year of the mouse

Pig 2 - my dad was born in the year of the pig

Calico cat

Black cat - DH's aunt got a new black kitty! this is not a great representation of it, though. I didn't have the right colour of dark gray wool, unfortunately.

One of DH's aunt's cats - I am very happy with this one! The spots are all in the right places!

One of DH's grandma's cats - One of the first cats I made, so not looking great, but she loved it.

Big Ted - a friend's childhood bear. They christianed him "mini ted"

Bears - some extras for last minute guests

Narwhal for my 4 year old nephew (I posted this before the wedding). He kept bending the horn, but loved it, and asked me to make him a shark, a manta ray, and two Transformers (Bumblebee and Optimus Prime). I said "sure" and hope he forgets he asked me.

Finally, the last two I made were for our wedding cake topper! I asked my dress designer for some scraps of lace for the veil (even though I am not wearing a veil lol). I fixed the cat's feet a little bit after I took this picture (extended and flattened a bit) as well, but haven't taken an updated picture yet.


  1. Oh my God. They're all so adorable! I've been curious about trying needle felting, but I just cannot take up another hobby I won't follow through with at the moment, haha.

    Congrats on your wedding! :)

  2. GOD ALMIGHTY. You have upped the ante for all bride to be's all over the world. No better, more adorable, thoughtful gifts for your guest. Every bride to be should just give up. Just give it up!

  3. DEAD OF AWESOME AND COVETOUSNESS! I need to get in on this game and make ugly versions of your adorable things!

  4. Awwwh my gawwwd that is absolutely adorable! I love all of the figurines, theyre' such thoughtful gifts! i wish i'd been at your wedding! lol