Thursday, February 6, 2014

What I Watched - January 2014

Two TV posts in a row?! Yes. I watch a lot of Netflix. I watch while I cook, while I clean dishes, while I fold laundry, while I eat...

Please don't judge me.

Here are some things I watched last month and wanted to tell you about. All screenshots taken from the Netflix iPad app.

Christopher and His Kind

Sometimes there's a "Gay and Lesbian" category on our Netflix. This film was in that category.

Surprise! Matt Smith is the lead actor! Douglas Booth is also in it (BONUS!). The first scene is unintentionally funny (in a meta-way) if you watch Doctor Who.

The sex scenes are not raunchy, and I think there was only a little bit of male frontal nudity (I can't recall, so it must not have been jarring).

Prior to watching this film, I knew nothing about Christopher Isherwood. I wonder how close the film is to his memoir? I thought the Berlin atmosphere in pre-WWII was very interesting, the characters are all intriguing, and Douglas Booth is very beautiful (though his older-age makeup towards the end of the film is terrible).

Bottom Line: I liked it and would recommend it (that is, if you are comfortable with the subject matter).


I love documentaries, but DF hates them (he finds them to be too biased) so I often watch them alone. This documentary about orcas in captivity is really heart-breaking. I think I went to Marineland in Niagara Falls when I was really little (I *think* I remember we went within 2 hours of their closing, so it was either free or very discounted, but I might be wrong) but I don't remember. I never knew much about orcas (their intelligence, social structure in the wild, etc.) and found this film both fascinating and incredibly sad.

Bottom Line: Highly recommended, if you like documentaries and/or animals.

Serving Life

This documentary is about a Louisiana prison that runs a hospice wing for its dying inmates. It follows four new volunteer inmates as they learn how to take care of the ill. It also provides background information on the crimes the inmates committed, and how their lives have been changed by their prison sentences. This documentary was really moving. There were parts where I had to stop folding laundry and just watch (and cry a little).

I felt like this was a documentary that my DF would even enjoy, because there's no thinnly veiled agenda behind the film. It's just a look at the lives of people who live in such a different world. I will admit, though, I felt a bit cynical about the volunteers -- i.e., do they do this because it looks good on their file for parole hearings? Though in some cases, the volunteers have no chance of parole.

Bottom Line: Highly recommend.

The Hunt

This was a good film, but it made me angry. It's one of those storylines where you just get so upset at what's happening. I guess that means it really draws you in, but I am STILL ANGRY ABOUT IT. Mads Mikkelsen is brilliant in this film. The little girl is also a great actress.

Bottom Line: I would recommend it, but not if you're looking for a "feel good" movie. This is a "throwing things at the tv" movie.

Have you seen any of these, or plan to now? Anything you watched last month you'd like to share? :D


  1. I'm not going to look at Blackfish because the trailer for it just made me sad, those poor animals. I was going to avoid The Hunt too - because as you said - I knew it would just make me angry! But I think I'll give it a look after reading this post :)

  2. I'm a big fan of Mads Mikkelsen. I've seen a couple of movies where he plays villains - I think he's terrific at it! Made my blood run cold, LOL. I haven't seen this movie yet - but I'm going to. Although this doesn't sound like much fun, LOL.

  3. Cristopher and his Kind is a great movie! They recreated the Weimar atmospheres so well in it..