Friday, June 4, 2010

First TransDesign Haul

I placed my first TransDesign order last week. Normally I would balk at the thought of spending $50+ at one time for something I don't "need". Up until recently, I had been buying my polish 1 or 2 at a time from the drugstore. My Zoya exchange was my first taste of haul-y goodness... and I liked it!

I had 3 major lemmings to fulfill:

1. Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure: I went to my local Walgreens early May, and while it had the new display, both HTs were missing. I then stalked both CVSs close to my house, but neither have received the new displays.

2. China Glaze For Audrey: An easy find for most, but I had not figured out where the closest Sallys was. I now know, but still need a little bit of courage to navigate northern Jersey's redonkulous state highways. I absolutely abhor driving on these "highways" - they are utterly confusing to me. According to Google Maps, it will be easier to get to from my new apartment (I will be moving in two weeks! woohoo!), so perhaps I'll make it out there someday! There also seems to be a Dollar Tree in the same strip mall, and I'm excited at the thought of finding some cheapy goodness there, too!

3. OPI Tickle My France-y: From online swatches, this looked like the perfect nude for me. I couldn't find it at the salon I picked up my 3 prior OPIs.

Ok so, here's where I started breaking down. I hated having these unfulfilled lemmings. I thought to myself: "Ok, Jen, just bite the bullet and place some online orders. If you get all these things you want, you can stop buying so much nail polish. You can be happy!!!"

I know, how naive.

I placed an order from for a Nfu Oh flakie (#40) at $12.50 a pop (including shipping, at least!) to satisfy my Hidden Treasure lemming. I have yet to actually play around with this yet, it's more of a blue-green flake compared to HT's red-orange flakes.

I then placed my Transdesign order for For Audrey and TMF. Since shipping was quite expensive, I decided to pick up some more things, you know, to make it "worth it".

Here's the haul:

Jade is the New Black: From this year's HK collection, it seemed like a must have. I wasn't too excited about this, but after swatching it, I have to say, I am mighty impressed! I'm wearing it right now as a full mani (with Zoya Ivanka on my toes) and I am loving it! I think it really suits my skin tone.

Lucky Lucky Lavender: I wasn't sure if I wanted this or Panda-monium Pink, but I'm glad I went with this one. It's more pink than lavender, and it's actually close to Essie Splash of Grenadine, but less bright. I like it! It is very work-safe, so I might save it for later in the year. I'm going to wear as outrageous colours as I can while it's summer time!

Tickle My France-y: I was so excited to get my hands on this, because it looked so gorgeous in all the swatches I saw online. However, it looks very different to me in real life. It's much pinker/redder/mauvier than I thought :(

Let Them Eat Rice Cake: Another work-safe choice.

Regarding the last two polishes, I am a little worried about their authenticity. Based on Lacquerized's recent post on spotting fake OPIs, I started getting a bit paranoid:

There are only 3 symbols on the backs of these polishes, and they are both in a different order. Is it just because these bottles are older? I believe the France collection came out in Fall 2008 and the Japan collection in 2005.

Also, inside the cap of Let Them Eat Rice Cake, it is completely smooth and not "gear"-shaped like all my other polishes. It is also a smaller wand without OPI stamped at the top.

Someone please tell me these bottles are authentic! Do any of you have these polishes?

For Audrey: I love my teals/turquoises and was looking forward to this very much. I wore it earlier this week, but it was a little dustier than I had imagined. Perhaps it is just my skin tone. Or maybe that I'm desperately wanting Chanel's Nouvelle Vague shimmery goodness. But I can't spend $26 on nail polish (yet), I would rather buy a NARS blush. I did see Jelly Nat's ingenious layering of LA Colors Blue Treasure atop For Audrey to dupe the NV look. Now, where do I find LA Colors? :D

Re-Fresh Mint: Everyone and their mother has a mint green. I had yet to score mine (Turquoise & Caicos wasn't minty at all; still love it though), so I decided to pick this one up. It seems like most nail polishes seem darker on me than in swatches (again, it must just be my skin tone), so when I heard that some people thought this just looked plain white on them, I knew I had to try it XD I do enjoy it very much! I was going to wear it for today's manicure, but I ended up going for Jade is the New Black. Sorry Re-fresh mint! Maybe next time!

Lemon Fizz: Pale yellows also seem to be all the rage, and this one looked nice. I can't wait to wear it! It is very summery :)

Strawberry Fields: A cult favourite, perhaps? I'm not usually a fan of glitter/shimmer, but this is actually very pretty. I would group it with my Zoya Sparkles. I'm glad I picked it up. My boyfriend is fond of it (he loves pink on me for some reason!)

To round out my purchases, I picked up a few other items...

OPI Crystal File: I'll admit it; I was a clipper girl. I decided to pick up a crystal file, since it's recommended by most nail bloggers. I like it so far, even though I do not have much nail to shape yet (still growing them out). Squovals, you shall soon be mine! I think I may have inhaled some filed nail dust, though *wonky face*.

ORLY Bonder: This seemed to be a highly rated base coat. I had been using a random Rimmel base coat and a completely unremarkable Seche ridge filling base coat, so I'm going to see how I like this. I might even wear my polish longer than 3 days to test their durability claim! Haha... fat chance.

Seche Restore: YAY! I desperately needed to thin my gloopy Seche Vite. I also spruced up an older glitter polish as well!

Essie Polish Remover: For $3, it seemed like a good idea. I really want to try Zoya's Remove+, though! Why must it be so expensive?! Why must minimum for free shipping be $55?! I'm stalking their website and twitter, now.

I do like this color lock system + Remove+ promotion. Unfortunately, I don't know what I'd get for the other $15 to hit free shipping. Any suggestions?

Polish Corrector Pen: Cheap and I thought, why not. I need to get an actual clean-up brush though... maybe I'll go once I figure out how to get to Michaels! XD

I feel like I should have ordered more to make the shipping worth it, but it was already seeming obscene to me to spend $63 in one shot on nail polish related items. It came out to be about $6 per OPI and $3.75 per China Glaze, including shipping.

Also, including shipping:

OPI Crystal File: $7.33
Seche Restore: $4.63
ORLY Bonder: $5.32

So this order was supposed to squash all my lemmings and put my mind (and credit card) at ease. However, not a day after placing my order, I had already started a new list of lemmings!! When will the insanity end?!??

To make matter worse, I will be tempting myself all day tomorrow because I'm headed into the city to meet with a friend. We're going to wander around Soho a bit before dinner, and surely that means more nail polish purchases, right?

Funny thing: I lived in NYC for a few months while I was doing an internship a couple years ago, and I was there around Halloween time. Based on the store fronts, I had always thought Ricky's was just a seasonal costumes shop! I had no idea it sold beauty supplies and have never actually gone inside! So Ricky's is on my list for tomorrow.

I also plan on heading into a LUSH store (though, to be perfectly honest, I cannot stand this store at all because of the assault on my nose) to pick up the highly recommended Lemony Flutter cuticle cream. This is, so far, my only sanctioned purchase tomorrow XD

Other scheduled stops include American Apparel (to admire their new polishes, I've yet to decide if I seriously want any of them. I've got my eye on California Trooper, though!), Muji (I want to pick up some basic cleaning supplies for my new apartment), and Sephora (to see if they have Illamasqua Milf; I want to see that in person!). Then, there are always the random beauty supply stores in the area that I'm sure I won't be able to resist popping into.

Hopefully I can resist and stick to my no-buy schedule! Failing that, I'll have some more posts on here XD


  1. Wow, awesome haul. :) I love seeing haul posts. It makes me feel better about my silly shopping. :)
    Love your choices and your blog.

  2. Thanks, Susie ^_^ I love your blog too, hehehe. I'm glad I can make you feel better about your purchases, lol. This is definitely a vicious cycle!

  3. I got my LA Splash at Ulta.

    Nice haul! I have yet to order nail polish. I live in Orlando and can usually find a store that has what I want. But that surely will not last for long. There's the Nfu that I can't find. is a madness with no known cure. ;)

    Hope you blog back as to whether your OPI's are real or not.

  4. Great haul!!

    And I think your OPIs are just old. The oldest OPI currently in my possession is Glacier Bay Blues, and the bottle looks like Let Them Eat Rice Cake.
    I'm 99.9% sure that mine is real, because I bought it from a legit nail salon and it has the serial number still attached, so I guess yours is real too.

  5. I found your blog this morning and have read it all Muhaha :)
    I do quite love your blog.
    This does make me feel better i used to be like you just buy 1 or 2 when i was in a drugstore. In the past week i've bought 9!
    I know what you mean about lemmings as i live in the UK and see all these amazing colours

  6. Hey .If you entered my giveaway, please can you re-enter since my other blog got deleted.The new link is

  7. @Kimberly: Hmm I think they only have ulta in central and southern Jersey. But, I just found out there's a huge Hammons (BB&B's store) close by :D Haha, there is some thrill in placing a huge order online, but perhaps its for the best that you can get everything in person... and regulate lol XD

    @ChaosButterfly: Thank you so much for the assurance about Let Them Eat Rice Cake! It was the one I was most worried about :)

    @Vegesauras: Thanks for coming by ^_^ I guess we all have this illness when it comes to polish >.<!! I'm going to try and be good today while I'm out! Oh, I may hop over the pond later this summer, do you have any UK-only recommendations or favourites? I wanted to pick up a few Barry M, for sure :3

    @Smootchkiss: Oh, thanks for letting me know! I'll re-enter. It sucks that your old blog got deleted!!

  8. Now that's a proper haul! :) I think your OPIs are legit, just older. I have some older ones with the same symbol order on the back, and the old brushes aren't like the new ones, so no worries there.

  9. Thanks, Karen! That really puts my mind at ease :)

  10. I found your blog this morning and have read it all Muhaha :)
    I do quite love your blog.
    This does make me feel better i used to be like you just buy 1 or 2 when i was in a drugstore. In the past week i've bought 9!
    I know what you mean about lemmings as i live in the UK and see all these amazing colours

  11. Thanks, Karen! That really puts my mind at ease :)